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Boyden Close, Nunnery Green, Wickhambrook, Suffolk, CB8 8XU

Tel: 01440 820140

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Mental Health

Information on Mental Health helplines

If you work in Health and Care then Mind Suffolk are available to support you. This poster gives information on resources available to you


Blood Pressure

A form on which to enter home blood pressure readings

Online Access to medical records

Please read this Information leaflet detailing the online access facility.

Application form to apply for online access .

Before completing the form please first read the information leaflet, see the link above.  The completed application form should be presented to the receptionist by each applicant. Please remember to bring photographic ID and proof of your address.


When you have diabetes, it is important to have regular checks and tests to see if your
condition is well controlled. This will help reduce the risk of diabetic complications that can
have serious effects on your sight, kidneys, heart and feet.

Please access your Diabetes Care Pack here


Find my NHS Number

 Access the NHS Website here and follow the prompts to obtain your NHS number.



Please access the Ear Wax Leaflet here


If you wish to have a travel risk assessment performed by the nurse please complete a travel risk management form.  You can access the Travel Risk Management Form here.  The top section of the form should be completed for each patient travelling, (please download a form for each person) and can be dropped off at reception or emailed to the surgery using  Immunisations can take weeks to become effective so we advise you submit the form to the practice well in advance of your planned departure, at least 6-8 weeks prior to travel.  If your travel is complex or for example of a more basic "back-packing" style we would recommend contacting us several months in advance if possible.  

Once you have returned your completed form the nurse will contact you during her next travel clinic to discuss which vaccines are recommended for your trip and the amount of time you are likely to need for your travel appointment(s) at the surgery.  

If your travel is taking place sooner than 6-8 weeks we advise you contact a travel clinic to assess your needs.  Please explore the links below for information on travel health clinics.