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GP Online Services allow patients to book appointments, request medication, view medical records and more.

Registering for GP Online Services

If you are 16+ with suitable photo ID, you can self-register by downloading the NHS App (Note: This is not the NHS COVID App). If you are unable to get through the self-registration, please contact the surgery for an alternative method of accessing online services.

If you require online services for someone who lacks capacity to make their own care decision (e.g. young children or an ill relative), please first self-register for the NHS App for yourself and then contact the surgery regarding adding additional patients to your account. Older children may need their own account created by the surgery if they are deemed competent to make decisions about their own care.

Download NHS App on the Apple App Store Get the NHS App on Google Play Access NHS App services via your web browser

Further information about the NHS App

General information on GP Online Services

NHS App troubleshooting

I don't have a smartphone

NHS App services are available at  You will require a mobile number, but do not require a smartphone. If you do not have a mobile phone number and would like access to GP Online Services, please speak to reception about alternatives. If attending surgery, it would be helpful if you could bring photo ID.

The NHS App hasn't reconnected after the surgery changed system in April 2023

  • If you registered for the NHS App yourself using photo ID, your main GP Online Services should reconnect automatically. Main services are; appointment booking, prescription requests and summary record access (Allergies, sensitivities & medications). Additional services, such as proxy access to those you care for or more access to your medical records, may disconnect and you may need to ask the surgery for these to be reconnected for you.
  • If you were unable to register with the NHS App yourself using photo ID and required “linkage keys” from the surgery, your NHS App should prompt you to try and use photo ID again. If you have suitable ID, please try and complete this process to reconnect. If you do not have suitable ID or cannot get through the registration, please contact the surgery from early May.

I am being asked for a "Linkage Key"

Please wait until early May to request this from reception. Thank you for taking the time to get started with the NHS App. Note we will need to verify your identity before providing this such as by attending the surgery with identification documents or we may be able to verify your identity remotely by asking questions to confirm your identity based on information in your medical records.

Other ways to access GP online services

There are many ways to access GP online services, and some may offer options/functions that you may find preferable to the standard NHS services.

  • SystmOnline website: If you've been provided with login details from the surgery you can access the SystmOnline website here.
  • Airmid app: Some patients may be advised to use Airmid. If you have SystmOnline login details -or- have an 'NHS Login' (created when you access various NHS online services) you can use these on the Airmid app available here.

⚠️ Important information about our system change

During April 2023, the surgery changed computer system.

What has happened to ‘Patient Access’?

'Patient Access' has now been disabled at Wickhambrook Surgery. Your account with the Patient Access website will still be present but no longer be linked with the surgery. If you wish, you can contact Patient Access and arrange to have the data it holds about you deleted.

To continue using GP Online Services (medication requests, record access etc) after our system change, please see information about registering for the NHS App above.